Designing award winning media since 1995...

Glorious Media Group features an elite team of gifted professionals dedicated to produce simple, clear and user friendly media content. We offer a wide range of custom design services for websites, print, multimedia authoring and various media based applications.

Upon hiring us, our experts (featuring each 20+ years of creative experience) will perform a detailed analysis of your project and overall goal, providing you with actual recommendations and most importantly, cost effective solutions certain to help you maximize your return on investment.

How does Glorious Media Group differ from other design and media production companies?
We are a small, faith driven team with extensive experience (we've been working online since 1994). We also pride ourselves in providing 1-on-1 service to all our clients which is at the root of our 95%+ return ratio.

Our obsession with user friendliness and simplicity in website production is why we are known as "the best source for web outsourcing". We invite you to read what our clients are saying about us.

Are we a good match?
If you are looking for a relationship with your web designer then we will be a good match. We are not only selective with our choice of patrons, we only work with smart clients who understand we both have something to gain from your website's success.

Keeping in mind there are hundreds of web design agencies available to you, we strive to surpass your expectations and often take on projects that will involve twice as much work while paying less than half industry standards.

Where might we have seen your work before?
Our work has been featured on Yahoo, USA Today and numerous online news/media agencies. Some of our websites continue to be used in school research and as reference at a college level.

Our founder Daniel St.Pierre has given countless interviews and acted as guest speaker at several seminars throughout Canada and the United-States. Through Glorious Media Group, Daniel continues to be a driving force in sculpting the Internet working mainly with small to medium size businesses.

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As an established web production company involved in over 1,200 projects since 1995, we have had the pleasure of working with businesses in a variety of industries from the United states, Canada, Europe and Australia. We invite you to explore our portfolio by following this link.