Christian Internet Marketing

Glorious Media Group is a not only a world leader in faith driven web design and multimedia production, we are experts in web marketing aimed at small and medium size businesses. By providing cost effective marketing solutions for our clients, we produce income generating residual targeted traffic and generate maximum return on investment.

In working with our online marketing professionals, you get outstanding search engine optimization, innovative interactive advertising solutions and extensive pay-per-click campaign management. We are not only a leader among 'in-demand' Internet marketing firms, we believe every website online today could benefit from our marketing savvy! We are experts in website promotion and traffic management which will help send thousands of interested prospects to your business.

What good is a website if no one sees it?
Glorious Media Group is a search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing company that offers superior information technology and cost effective advertising solutions. Our staff is exceptionally qualified in Internet marketing plans, website design, online marketing and most importantly, natural search engine marketing (SEM).

We are highly experienced in various aspects of business intelligence, marketing, management information systems, online marketing and a variety of technologies. Glorious Media Group can provide you with top quality business, marketing and sales consulting.

Current Internet marketing, website promotion, search engine optimization methodologies and best practices, involves 'breaking beyond the code' where our experienced keyword experts become your prototype client. Projecting a specific target market for each product or service you offer results in potential new clients driven to your website, from the time you choose your domain name until you have many rich content web pages.

Our Online Marketing services include but are not limited to:
+ On page SEO
+ Social Networking
+ Link Building
+ Paid advertising campaigns from Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.
+ Natural search engine rankings with top engines.
+ Creation of Newsletters, Press releases and Popups Ads.

It is also very important for your selected search engine optimization company to have established keyword referral tracking and web metrics in order to properly monitor your results. We are experts in tracking visitors from search engines and managing paid Internet advertising campaigns, a complete approach to online marketing.

How do I get started?
We invite you to contact us by phone at 727.674.5681 at which time we will discuss your website and agree on our consulting fee. We often retain a minimum $250.00 (covering up to 2 hours of phone and email consulting) and then make recommendations using specific data aimed at increasing traffic and/or establishing a more targeted flow of visitors to your website. Finally, upon accepting our quote, we provide you with a written agreement and/or invoice, then move forward with marketing your website.

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Web Marketing FAQ's

What is the goal of online marketing?
Online Marketing is a process by which a website's visibility is maximized through two main processes: Paid sponsorship and Natural or Organic search engine placement.

What is Paid Sponsorship marketing?
Paid Sponsorship or Pay-per-Click advertising (PPC) involves placing ads on other websites and/or search engines aimed at generating target traffic to your website. Comparing PPC costs versus sales revenue is key in maximizing ROI through this process which often return immediate results.

What is Natural or Organic search engine marketing (SEM)?
SEM involves optimizing websites for optimal search engine exposure and submitting websites to search engines producing an exponential traffic flow. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process proven to produce positive ROI over extended periods.

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